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Important info: It is not pre-paid shipping, when you send your parcel to our return address: Unit 7, 655 Mountain Highway, Bayswater, VIC 3153, please keep your receipt of payment for at least 60 days period. Once parts test done, it will be credited to your account.

Free shipping condition: There is no limit of volume, but the batch value should be above $200.


ModelGrade AGrade B
iPhone 14 Pro MaxAU$ 130.00AU$ 80.00
iPhone 14 ProAU$ 110.00AU$ 70.00
iPhone 14 PlusAU$ 30.00AU$ 20.00
iPhone 14AU$ 30.00AU$ 20.00
iPhone 13 Pro MaxAU$ 110.00AU$ 70.00
iPhone 13 ProAU$ 80.00AU$ 50.00
iPhone 13AU$ 20.00AU$ 10.00
iPhone 13 miniAU$ 20.00AU$ 10.00
iPhone 12 Pro MaxAU$ 20.00AU$ 10.00
iPhone 12/ 12 ProAU$ 10.00AU$ 5.00
iPhone 12 miniAU$ 10.00AU$ 5.00
iPhone 11 Pro MaxAU$ 10.00AU$ 5.00
iPhone 11 ProAU$ 5.00AU$ 3.00
iPhone 11AU$ 2.00AU$ 1.00
iPhone XS MAXAU$ 10.00AU$ 5.00
iPhone XRAU$ 2.00AU$ 1.00
iPhone XSAU$ 8.00AU$ 4.00
iPhone XAU$ 8.00AU$ 4.00
iPhone 8+AU$ 1.00--
iPhone 8AU$ 1.00--
iPhone 7+AU$ 1.00--
iPhone 7AU$ 1.00--
iPad Pro 12.9 5thAU$ 30.00--
iPad Pro 12.9 3rd/ 4thAU$ 30.00--
iPad Pro 12.9 2ndAU$ 20.00--
iPad Pro 12.9 1stAU$ 20.00--
iPad Pro 11 3rdAU$ 25.00--
iPad Pro 11 1st/ 2ndAU$ 20.00--
iPad Pro 10.5AU$ 15.00--
iPad Pro 9.7AU$ 10.00--
iPad Mini 6AU$ 30.00--
iPad Mini 5AU$ 10.00--
iPad Mini 4AU$ 5.00--
iPad Air 4AU$ 15.00--
iPad Air 3AU$ 15.00--
iPad Air 2AU$ 3.00--
ModelGrade AGrade B
Galaxy S21 UltraAU$ 70.00AU$ 40.00
Galaxy S21 PlusAU$ 30.00AU$ 20.00
Galaxy S21AU$ 30.00AU$ 20.00
Galaxy S21 FEAU$ 30.00AU$ 15.00
Galaxy S20 UltraAU$ 60.00AU$ 40.00
Galaxy S20 PlusAU$ 50.00AU$ 30.00
Galaxy S20AU$ 50.00AU$ 30.00
Galaxy S20 FEAU$ 15.00AU$ 10.00
Galaxy S10+AU$ 60.00AU$ 40.00
Galaxy 10 EdgeAU$ 15.00AU$ 10.00
Galaxy S10AU$ 50.00AU$ 30.00
Galaxy S9+AU$ 30.00AU$ 20.00
Galaxy S9AU$ 20.00AU$ 10.00
Galaxy S8+AU$ 30.00AU$ 20.00
Galaxy S8AU$ 20.00AU$ 10.00
Galaxy Note 20 UltraAU$ 100.00AU$ 55.00
Galaxy Note 10+AU$ 80.00AU$ 50.00
Galaxy Note 10AU$ 50.00AU$ 30.00
Galaxy Note 9AU$ 40.00AU$ 20.00
Galaxy Note 8AU$ 30.00AU$ 15.00
A Grade Cracked Screens:Never refurbished, Perfect LCD and Touch, just glass is broken
B Grade Cracked Screens:Refurbished or touch problem or screens have backlight problem
You can also download the LCD Buyback Form here


  • ModelQuality we acceptPrice (Ext.GST)
    iPhone 6OEM onlyAU$ 18.00
    iPhone 6+OEM onlyAU$ 20.00
    iPhone 6sOEM onlyAU$ 20.00
    iPhone 6s+OEM onlyAU$ 20.00
    iPhone 7OEM onlyAU$ 22.00
    iPhone 7+OEM onlyAU$ 23.00
    iPhone 8OEM onlyAU$ 23.00
    iPhone 8+OEM onlyAU$ 23.00
    iPhone XOEM onlyAU$ 60.00
    iPhone XROEM onlyAU$ 60.00
    iPhone XSOEM onlyAU$ 60.00
    iPhone XS MAXOEM onlyAU$ 70.00
    iPhone 11OEM onlyAU$ 70.00
    iPhone 11 ProOEM onlyAU$ 70.00
    iPhone 11 Pro MaxOEM onlyAU$ 90.00
    iPhone 12 miniOEM onlyAU$ 120.00
    iPhone 12/ 12 ProOEM onlyAU$ 100.00
    iPhone 12 Pro MaxOEM onlyAU$ 150.00
    iPad Air 2Original LCDAU$ 75.00
    iPad Air 3Original LCDAU$ 100.00
    iPad Air 4Original LCDAU$ 140.00
    iPad mini 4Original LCDAU$ 75.00
    iPad mini 5Original LCDAU$ 85.00
    iPad mini 6Original LCDAU$ 230.00
    iPad pro 9.7Original LCDAU$ 80.00
    iPad pro 10.5Original LCDAU$ 100.00
    iPad pro 11 1st/ 2ndOriginal LCDAU$ 150.00
    iPad pro 12.9 3rd/ 4thOriginal LCDAU$ 150.00
    iPad pro 12.9 5thOriginal LCDAU$ 330.00
    Samsung S8Original LCDAU$ 90.00
    Samsung S8 PlusOriginal LCDAU$ 100.00
    Samsung S9Original LCDAU$ 100.00
    Samsung S9 PlusOriginal LCDAU$ 110.00
    Samsung S10Original LCDAU$ 140.00
    Samsung S10+Original LCDAU$ 140.00
    Samsung S20 FEOriginal LCDAU$ 90.00
    Samsung S20Original LCDAU$ 140.00
    Samsung S20+Original LCDAU$ 150.00
    Samsung S20 UltraOriginal LCDAU$ 150.00
    Samsung note 8Original LCDAU$ 110.00
    Samsung note 9Original LCDAU$ 110.00
    Samsung note 10+Original LCDAU$ 160.00
    You can also download the Refurbishing Form here

LCD buyback FAQs

How should I pack my LCDs?

Please sign or make your own mark on the back of the screen.

Packing your LCDs correctly can easily void the loss. It really does make the difference.

Please use a heavy duty box if possible and ensure you use bubble wrap to both protect LCDs and to ensure the box is not moving.

What is the requirement for a free shipping label?

There is no minimum order to get a FREE Shipping Label (we only deduct shipping if your buyback order is less than $200). Rates are locked in for date items are shipped.

If you would like to arrange for your own shipping, please ship to the address: Unit 7, 655 Mountain Highway, Bayswater, VIC 3153

We can return the shipping cost (Australia Post for a national flat rate of $12.50) if you accept the LCD buyback result and the order is over $200.

Please email us at and we will manually issue you a label.

What payment methods are available for payouts?

Store credit

Do you guys ship back Defective LCDs?

In case of a disagreement, your LCDs are available for 7 days from the date your items are tested. We can dispose of screens but NOT cover for return shipping.

Do you charge screen test fee?

Yes, we do charge $2 per piece for unqualified screens if defective rate is higher than 30%

In order to avoid dispute, please check your screens whether it fit our standard or not before dispatch

Here are some scenarios we would come across and some of screens would be considered as defective/unqualified screens

Qualified screenUnqualified screen
OEM RefurbishedNOYES
Water DamageNOYES
Dead PixelsNOYES
Grey AreaNOYES
Burn MarkNOYES
Lines on screen NOYES
Flex cable damagedNOYES

How we tell the difference of Grade A and Grade B from qualified screens

Grade AGrade B
White spotNOYES
Glass heavily smashedNOYES
Yellow spot, discoloration, pink mark NOYES
Frame bentNOYES
Bad back lightNOYES